Friday, September 16, 2016

Importance of Preparation.

There's nothing important than being prepared for what's ahead. Job interview. A first date. You name it, preparation is key. I thought about all this when I decided to pitch my graphic novel later this year.

(You heard right. I'm pitching my very first graphic novel in two months.)

Back on preparation, you have to be ready for the moment you've been looking forward to for a long time. Plus, you got to have the following requirements: Research. Support system. Patience. Professionalism.

I bring these factors to center stage because they play their own role in preparing for pitching your story to an agent or comic book publisher.

Research-This is very vital in getting published here, cats. You have to do your homework on your target publisher or an agent you've heard about. Ask yourself questions like what genres are they looking for or is the agent good or bad. Take a moment think about it while you dig for information on those working in the field.

Support system-We all need a group of people to help with a project. Beta-readers, writing groups (in person or online), a trusted friend. It makes all the difference on which route you take. I've come across good people in my writing groups who gave out their two cents worth on my projects.

Patience-The key factor is patience. Why? It's a long process. Drafts, revisions, and rewrites. It takes a long time to get it all down. For the past few years I learned that being patient is all part of the process. On the draft aspect of writing, it's taught me that no project is perfect from the beginning. It's the first step to making the book the way I want it to be through revisions and rewrites.

Professionalism-Like any business you're getting into you have to brush up on professional etiquette; you're dealing with professionals. Reading various sources on how to navigate the comics industry, I had to be honest with myself about my own professionalism and see about how I can improve them.  

With these factors you're all set to make your publishing debut. It's important to have these because publishing professionals will know you came ready to work with them and they'll be ready to work with you. I know I'll be ready to be a professional comics writer when I pitch my graphic novel or comic series.

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