Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Back for the First Time!

Hey! How's it going everyone?

Wow! Is it really 2018? Wait, where did the time go?

So what's everyone doing for this year? What are your goals/resolutions? I'll tell you what I'm doing this year.

Learn sign language. I'm thinking about adding something else to my forte as the year was coming up so I thought to learn a new language. You ask me, it's good way to expand oneself. 

Publish poetry. Believe it or not. I have one piece of poetry published in a lit magazine two years ago. Now I'm going to take another shot at publishing more of my poetry in a book or another lit mag.

Publish comic book series. This is something I hope to accomplish. After all the researching and contacting an artist, I haven't hit gold in finding a home for a comic book project I planned on pitching. Good vibes here, people.

Write to ten people. In the age of social media, one can only wonder: Who sends letters and postcards? To me it's something that's lost in this digital fishbowl. A handwritten correspondence is a simple way to communicate with people without logging online to say "Hello" to somebody on social media platforms and it's much better to say something in a letter than on the internet.

Sorry, internet.

Read the books on my bookshelf. I might as well say it, I'm a book hoarder. Being a big reader I buy books a lot more than I read the ones on my shelf. Admitting this to myself, I donated some books to a local library so they'd serve the community.

And that's all for you on the ninth day of 2k18, cats! Happy Resolutions!

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  1. Great New Year's resolutions, Andrew! I especially like the handwritten-notes idea. These days, it's very rare to find anything in your mailbox but bills and junk mail, so it always makes my day to get "real" mail from an actual person.

    I was smarter this year than before and kept my resolutions vague enough to maybe realize some of them. ;)

    Among them:
    - eat less sugar and dairy
    - write in the morning
    - be kind to others and less judgmental (one of my problems)
    - self-publish a book
    - finish the revisions to my middle-grade novel that I've been dragging my feet on forever
    - be more authentic (which might also include to stop coloring my hair again and embrace the grays)
    - pay off my credit card
    - save more money