Thursday, July 11, 2019

Folklore Thursday: Kelpie

Happy Thursday all folklore aficionados!

Welcome to my latest edition of Folklore Thursday! Each week I will give the rundown on the legendary, the weird, and the scary.

Today, we're exploring the Scottish parts of mythology with...the kelpie!

*In according to Encyclopedia Mythica, the kelpie is a water spirit that lurks in rivers and streams. It usually assumes the form of a black horse and entices people to mount it. Then rushes off to its watery lair taking the victim with it. Another account says they have the power to assume human form while keeping its hooves.

The kelpie can also cause swelling torrents, and may come out night after night to a farm to cause fear and annoyance. *In the past, human sacrifices were made to appease water gods and spirits. In time, this practice lead people to believe in the notion of evil water horses. However, the kelpie has been told in a positive light as saviors of drowning children. In some instance kelpies bear a warning to young women about handsome strangers.

So now you know about the kelpie.

Be there next week as we explore more folklore extravaganza!

*Encyclopedia Mythica

*Riding the Seas: The Kelpies and Other Fascinating Water Horses in Myth and Legend. 

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