Sunday, January 3, 2016

#JanWritingChallenge Recap!


Anybody have a good time? Good. Fantastic. Me too.

Me? I am undertaking a very humbling task this month: #JanWritingChallenge leader! That's right. All this month I'll be handing out props to my Writing Challenge tweeps for hitting their daily word count of 500k or more. How does it look? It's goes like this:
And that's just the first day of being a Writing Challenge leader, friends. This what my second day looked like:

The first two days have been fun cheering on everyone in my group. In fact, being part of this great group is one helluva ride, because every one of them has given a great deal of support and encouragement when my motivation dwindled for a time. I'm greatly thankful for Kristy Acevedo (@kristyace) and the whole Writing Challenge team for having me on board as their leader of January and welcoming me during #JuneWritingChallenge 2015. Much love to all them. If you'll excuse me, I have to find more challengers.

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