Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Misadventures of a Working Adult/College Student!

The following is a non-writing related blog.

When I started going to Oklahoma City Community College a few years ago, it was to not just earn a degree or to earn a degree so I can get a better paying job, it was to make myself a better and informed person. The idea hit me when I had a professor for American Federal Government lecture about what makes college an important aspect of human growth.

In some regard I felt that I hadn't taken the time grow myself as an individual. That's one of the things in life I regret today. Now for what's happening right now, I'm currently taking a couple of courses in Psychology and Federal Government. They both are turning out interesting for it makes me think about how they affect our everyday lives.
American Federal Government opened my eyes as to how I'm not political, by any means, but there are issues that I feel compassionate about like gun control, immigration, and health care. I know a thing or two about Congress and the House of Representatives but it goes beyond what I knew before.
 Psychology is another matter. It sheds light on what little did I know about human behavior to the foundation of the science of the human mind. Anything in the subject is just interesting and it's not just about "bearing your soul" to a professional as it's typically put. If there's something to take away from psychology is that not only does it help the mentally distressed but explores the workings of mind.

My overall experience in a community college has been a very good one. I got to know other bright, unique individuals who are after the same thing I am. To grow as an individual and contribute to society for generations to come.

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