Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Comic Book Writing Should Be Critiqued.

Hello, my name's Andrew McQueen.

I'm a member of the Critique Circle online writing group and I write comics. Since joining the Circle out of seriousness of being a writer, I presented them with some amateur prose from a novel-in-progress. Then I remember a graphic novel that I've written a few years ago by the seat of my pants (pantser) to polish it up for publication and I've gotten up to a few critiques or less from members that have never seen a comic book script. And that's okay, I can't argue with the results that are given to me.

Since I'm writing for comics & graphic novels and writing groups are not familiar with the craft, I wanted to say why comic book writing should be considered to be critiqued in writing groups and beta-readers.

  1. They deserve a chance because like any form of writing. It takes more than one person to make a story when someone's writing a novel. Plus, we can learn from them like how a member of a critique group can learn from the critiques they receive for his/her WIP. 
  2. Comic scripts have similarities to screenplays. When studied closely, you can see how they're different and the same. However, they are two different ways to write a comic book script. The full script and the Plot (Marvel) script.
  3. Comic writers want to tell the best story they want to tell the world, like their compatriots who write novels, short stories, screenplays and stage plays. They're built from the imagination of the hands that bring the words together, building a world which can thrill us, touch us, and inspire us.
Critiquing comic book and graphic novel scripts are out of everyone's expertise and that's fine. But let's not forget to open up to someone who's trying their hand at writing for comics and they need either a writing group or beta-readers to give them a hand with their story. You don't have to be an expert on the medium. You just have to tell them "I'll do my best with your story."

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