Monday, November 9, 2015

Writing Habits: The 90 minute Session.

Since I jumped aboard the #writingchallenge group in June, I've developed some writing habits that have become helpful while jumping back on the saddle.

I know some people can't spare the time due to not "having the time" to sit down and write because of various reasons like day job demands or wishing they have time to write.

How do I handle such diversions outside the craft? Take at least an hour & thirty minutes (90 minutes) a day to write. Did I hear somebody in the third row say "90 minutes? But I can't spare that kind of time to write my paranormal romance novel in a month with just 90 minutes a day." Yes you can.

If there's anything I learned from my writing challenge compatriots is that it's not about the numbers, it about the daily commitment. During my writing sessions I carved out a word count of 2k and the results are amazing.

When writing for just 90 minutes, you're developing good writing habits on days you just want to lay off and binge through Netflix, or in my case, a comic book collection.

Now for what the experience has taught me, it's the following essentials every writer needs:

  1. Commitment. That's what the challenge is about. You're not only putting down the words per page, you're building a sense of commitment to your project as you take an hour & thirty minutes of your time to write.
  2. Accountability. Like any writer, I try to set a personal goal to hit high word count. But at times when I don't, I take a look at my shortcoming(s) and take it as a lesson for when I get back to the next session.
  3. Have Fun with It. Yes. That's what I do when doing my writing sessions: have fun. Writing is a solitary endeavor, but the basic essential here is to enjoy every minute of telling the story you want to tell, friend.
Now before you say you'd love to take 90 minutes to write that novel or what-have-you, but can't spare the time, make the time. See what the results come from it. Let your writing discipline build as well your word count.

Happy Creations!  

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