Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How college influenced my Writing.

As a college student, I've learned a lot of things and having fun with the experience. Plus in more ways than one, it has influenced my writing. College is one of themes for one of my comic book series in progress and the subject of history (US, World, European, etc). Those two gave me an idea for a superhero that's reminiscent of Peter Parker, but instead of being a science geek, the main character is a history geek.

While sitting in a US History course back in 2012, I put myself in the shoes of my super heroine/college student/history buff, taking in all things about the American Civil War to World War II. I thought of all the possibilities for a heroine to be mixed up in super hero fantasy as well as facing the highs and lows of higher education which is the theme for her story.

If I wanted to write a superhero fantasy adventure, I have to go beyond the slam-bang fist fights. I have to give my story a deeper meaning.

Another aspect of going to a community college is the interaction with a wide variety of students on an international scale. But I wanted to go outside my comfort zone for my story. Thus I took my sweet time researching all things Seattle for the setting of the comic. I don't know the city in all four directions but I sincerely want to do it justice as I write my character's adventures.
Moreover on college influencing my writing is that I wanted tell a story as I explore the realm of higher learning and give readers a character that they can not only root for, but can identify with as a "real" person who lives a world mirroring the real one. 


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