Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Final Countdown!

With five weeks remaining in the spring semester, I'm counting the days, the hours, and the minutes as I do plow through all my homework. Which is fitting for Europe's "Final Countdown" because the clock is ticking.

Right now I'm working on a psychology project which applies to my life that I hold dear to my heart. Bullying. Like any person around I know how it can affect people in the long run. I've been on the receiving end of the things bullies do. Name calling, harassment, the ridicule. Everything.

I think about the last time I was bullied everyday and the one moment my peers stepped in and said that's enough. To this day, I'm still very grateful for the intervention.

What's heartbreaking about the subject is how kids are taking their own lives because of school bullying and how it's spread to the world wide web. Bullies have become faceless and it's almost impossible to stop them.

These recent stats show how much the bullying epidemic has grown. Terrible, right? You never know who's child is being tormented at school or the poor joe who's new to the job that's getting horrendous emails, or better yet, someone who carries the scars from the experience.

If there's anything my bullying experience taught me is that someone out there cares. No one should suffer alone. Period.


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