Sunday, May 15, 2016

#MayWritingChallenge Weekly Report #2!

Good morning all!

We are back with Week two progress for #MayWritingChallenge! All my peeps are getting it in with their own thing and they are blazin'!

Alright, here is my progress for the week!

Day 8- 1 hour.

Day 9- 90 minutes.

Day 10- Finished my first comic book issue with the final word count of 2,322!

Day 11- 1 hour & 35 minutes on comic book #2.

Day 12- I did my first 30 minute sprint for the first time in weeks. I was kinda slow but I carved out 739 words.

Day 13- No writing.

Day 14- Another 90 minute session.

I can really feel myself getting back in the groove this month. But I'm not rushing it one bit. The key factor in writing, in my opinion, is patience. Right now, I'm just taking my time with my work as I make my way back to my comics.

That's a wrap for week 2 of #MayWritingChallenge! Keep it locked for next week!

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