Sunday, May 8, 2016

#MayWritingChallenge Weekly Report

I'm baaaack!

Yes, after a busy eight weeks on the community college campus with some writing in the books, I'm getting back in the game during #MayWritingChallenge. But instead of carving the 90 minutes grind like usual I had to take it slow with only writing for an hour because I'm a little rusty. Also I took one of my comic books in progress and did the unthinkable...obliterate it and work from scratch!

Why? I saw what didn't work for my story and I wanted one of the secondary characters to have some more action.

Here's my progress for the first week:

Day 1- 1 hour of editing.

Day 2- 1 hour of editing. After reading the critiques from my writing group I saw that I had to smash it to pieces and write it all over again thanks to Chuck Wendig's "25 ways to Unfuck your Story." Sometimes if it doesn't just have to erase everything and start over.

Day 3- I got back into the writing groove with only 1 hour & 30 minutes which is just the beginning for me honestly. I wasn't in a rush to get it done so I'll just settled for it until next time.

Day 4 & 5- 1 hour of writing.

Day 6- No writing. I earned a day off to check out Captain America: Civil War! Believe me when I say you're in for a treat!
 Day 7- 1 hour & 20 minutes.

And that's my week 1 report for # MayWritingChallenge. Be here next week as I punch in 500 words or more!

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