Monday, October 22, 2018

#OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report #3: Late Edition!

Hi, all!

I welcome you to the Late Edition of my #OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report!

The past weekend was a bit of a drag since I wasn't in the groove like I was, then things got crazy on the normal side of my life. Now with it all settled I got down to business the past week and here's what I came up with.

No writing on Day 14-16

Day 17- 1 hour

Day 18- 1,464 words

Day 19- No writing. Took the day off to check the all new Halloween! Should be a treat for old and fans of John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Day 20- 1 hour

Day 21- 1 hour & 25 minutes.

After the three days of no writing I had reevaluate myself on time management. The key here is to not find the time to write but to make the time. This is my take away from this past week.

Until next time!

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