Sunday, October 7, 2018

#OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report

Hello. Welcome to my #OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report!

Throughout the month of October I will report my progress with my WIP on the Twitter Monthly Writing Challenge.

Let's begin with my Week 1 progress.

Day 1-No writing

Day 2-1 hour & 5 minutes

Day 3-1 hour & 45 minutes

Day 4-1 hour

Day 5-No writing

Day 6-1 hour & 45 minutes. I kinda messed around for a few minutes so I added 15 minutes to make up for the time lost on social media. That's holding yourself accountable when writing, friend.

That's all for my weekly Writing Challenge report, guys. Be there as my progress for #OctWritingChallenge continues! Til next time!

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