Sunday, October 14, 2018

#OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report #2

Hello! Welcome to the Week 2 of my #OctWritingChallenge Weekly Report.

My progress is not too shabby but I can't argue with the results. Let's see how we did!

Day 8-9: No writing.

Day 10-1 hour & 25 minutes.

Day 11-1 hour.

Day 12-1 hour.

Day 13-1 hour & 40 minutes.

The story, so far, is progressing as I hoped for after I trashed it to oblivion. It was a painful choice to make but from what another set of eyes told me, this (character) was useless because (his critique on the character), the illustrator could use something that can tell him who the characters are so insert a character sheet.

The two cents given to me were insightful. I didn't think to come up with a character sheet that can give me an idea of who my characters are and how they function in my story. It's another lesson in writing I learned along the way as I prepared my pitch to a comics publisher.

1. Have a character sheet ready.

2. Give thanks to your support group, folks! I know I did.

That's it for my #OctWritingChallenge Weekly report. There's more to come. 

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